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"Start spreading the news....." [Mar. 26th, 2006|10:19 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack]

Hi all!
Have not updated in this in so long - it's disgusting ;) Needless to say, a lot has happened in that time! I shall put the major events into quick, easy to read paragraphs:

- Worked at EA as a tester, then as a 'special' tester (which I had to do a test to get into!), and also did the submission paperwork for big games such as 'Black'. Am currently having a month break from there - work is not permenant there, and am really looking for something concrete. We shall see...

- Got a new car! A Ford Ka, with power steering, woo hoo! Ast and I learned to drive with power steering, but my mum's car didn't have it, so made turning the wheel an exercise in itself! But the days of luxury and smoothness are back - plus, it has a cd player. Its only fault is it doesn't have 4 doors, so people

- Am off to New York next month! I've ALWAYS wanted to travel to America, and now I will be :D Plus I get to see my fab friends Jamie and Dean, who I've ashamedly not been in contact with much since working at EA (but that'll change now guys!).

That's it all in a nutshell, really. Now have some much-needed time off, which I intend to spend playing games, drawing, drinking an obscene amount of coffee, and other frowned upon activites :D Hope you're all well!
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"The chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to 1," he said. [Jul. 5th, 2005|11:55 am]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |'Requim' - Karl Jenkins]

Omigawd, I haven't updated since MARCH! But I'm always on here, reading up on my Friends list... Please forgive me!

So uuuuuuurm, what's been happening? Well, I graduate on Friday, which means we've all gotta sit around for a few hours in silly clothes and hats (I shall be wearing a kilt underneath it, just as a small form of rebellion). Mind you, those gowns are so big, I wonder if I'd have space to sneak in a magazine... Also, cos we'll all be sitting alphabetically, other than Asti, I'll be sitting next to someone who I really can't stand. But this'll be the last time I see this person, so yay!

Have seen 'War of the Worlds' twice now, still can't decide whether I like it or not. Maybe having reas the book influences me too much, I dunno. But still, I remember reading this interview with director Steven Spielberg, and he said soe of the stupidest things:

"We didnt wanna set it in Victorian England, as no one would be able to relate to that." Huh? Heaven forbid we stretch our minds a little. Am surprised people enjoyed the Lord of the Rings/Star Wars films, what with them being set in funny lands and different times, eh? He was probably worried about the recent remake of 'The Time Machine', which bombed. NOT because it was set in ye olden days - it was just a rubbish film.

"We didn't want the aliens to be Martians like they are in the book, because it's been scientifically proven that life of that kind does not exist on Mars." Tch! Scientific 'facts' change like the weather! Can't believe he'd say that.

Oh, and the aliens looked cute/silly, when they were meant to be tentacled brains, that couldn't really move properly. But anyway, now I'm just getting too nit-picky, but still. If you wanna know the PROPER story, without reading the book, go listen to Jeff Wayne's *THE* War of the Worlds musical version,is all there :)

Here endeth my journal and rant!
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Metal Gear Ac!d, omigaaaaaawd!!! [Mar. 24th, 2005|02:56 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |Metal Gear Solid ending theme]

The new Sony PSP is out in America!!!!!!!!! *Fangirl shriek of annoyance that we still don't have a release date here* So, I am thinking of importing one, and have not done this before. Metal Gear Acid is the game I wanna get with it. The pound is good against the dollar at the mo, so it would hopefully cost cheaper than when we finally get it over here. The thing is, all the big sites like Amazon and EB are forcing you to get bundles, with rubbish games I don't want :/ Deeeeean, where is this site you were talking about?

I really did think of getting the Nintendo DS, but I think it's against left handed people. If I was looking around with that pen thing (in a FPS say), whilst moving forward, I'd have to use it in my right hand, otherwise I could only do one action at once. This is not fair. Plus, in all honesty, there's so many games coming out on the PSP that I'd really like, and the graphics on the PSP (I am a graphics whore) are brilliant, and will only get better. The DS is something I'd like when it's cheaper. Typical that that console is actually available to buy here, ay??

And Mme Bahorel, I need ya to tell me what other cd you'd like! If not, I'll send your package now, and can send the other cds at a later date :)
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It's freezing in Asti's room! [Mar. 11th, 2005|06:29 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |LOTR - ROTK soundtrack]

Hullo all :)

Nothing terribly exciting to say, been very busy with uni work, been to theatre, and have been amused/depressed by the suddenly rampant antics of fellow classmates. It suddenly seems like everyone is going out with each other, or harbouring deep feelings (I am sadly, or should I say relieved, not to be a part of the former groups mentioned). It's hard on everyone when friends in a tight group start going out with each other, as things tend to be a bit uncomfortable for a bit, don't ask how. And then the often inevitable happens, and they break up, and there's a sorta tense feeling in the air. It makes me wish we were all just great friends, with no 'complications' getting in the way.

Due to past experience of this, I have made a pact with myself not to go out with anyone in my group of friends. Perhaps being tough on myself, but everything seems to go wrong when this happens - so it's best to find a nice strange guy unknown to everyone, and perhaps keep it that way for a time! Oh believe me, I have no secret guy kept hidden to the side (if only, heheheh!), am just a bit anxious at the moment for certain people.

Hope you're all great! Specifically Shawk - just like Asti, you gotta be happy, and a brand new start is the best treatment in my opinion :) Jamie - love all the photos! You're in Crufts right now, so am mentally telling you to have lotsa fun and good dog-watching!
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"It's over now, the music of the night!" [Feb. 27th, 2005|12:45 pm]
[mood |sadsad]
[music |Anything JOJ-related!]

Here's my obligatory Phantom review of John Owen-Jones' last performance :)

John Owen-Johns' final performance! Let us not speak of the price (my bank account and I are still not on speaking terms), but let us toast the best Phantom there ever was! I am of course extrrrrremely biased, what with *pervy voice* him being my first Phantom and all. But that voice! Must now follow his career wherever he goes; not in a stalkerish way, of course.

The show started with a hitch - Asti and I had been chatting to a lovely Phantom fan beside us about technical mishaps, and so perhaps jinxed the show. The pre-recorded overture cut out, and so the chandelier was left to rise in silence, soon followed by claps and cheers. The lights brightened, and a voice announced something to do with tecnhnical difficulties. Pause, and then the voice said everything was sorted (though this statement was followed by a suspicious-sounding bang...). The overture resumed, as well as the cheering.

Well, what's to say of the performers? JOJ received a gigantic applause after 'Music of the Night' - an excuse to be relieved of excited screams! Really nice hand movements, almost hypnotic, like a snake charmer, or ur, something. Like how he stooped a little near Christine, not just because he's so tall, but perhaps to seem less threatening. Great being close enough to see all his expressions, as opposed to squinting through non-focusing theatre binoculars. Very sad in the final lair scene; don't let her go! He's still very scary though, those screams are haunting (gawd knows what he's like having a tantrum!). "It's over now, the music of the night!" received much applause, and he really did seem upset, as he turned and took in the stage one last time. Now sadly, my mum is more used to Gerard Butler's film interpretation (even though her first Phantom was JOJ!), so she was comparing all night long. "Much more aggressive," she rightly said. "Quite a powerful voice," she understated. "I still like Gerard..." she added, followed by a death glare from me. Ohh she's just being all patriotic 'cos they're both Scots. Were he an axe-murderer, she'd still love him.

Rachel Burell is an amazing Christine, what a voice. Though I kinda wish she wouldn't act so suspicious towards the Phantom. She always seems repulsed by him, and there's no doubt as to whether she'd stay with him (the luggage with Raoul's name stamped on it can almost be seen in the background). BUT I still like her Christine, she's not of the weak variety, nice and gutsy. Still not sure about Oliver Thornton's Raoul - he certainly looks the part, though he was rather aggressive to Christine - snarling at bits, flinging her around semi-violently. JOJ's high-tempered Phantom seems to have rubbed off on them....During the bows when Mr Thornton stepped foward, chest exposed, my mum leaned over and said, "No hair," which made me grin. :D Ahem, as if I'd have thought anything like that. Still love the managers to bits, think they get the cleverest lines. Has Andre (Sam Hiller) had a change of wig? I could have sworn it used to be semi-grey, but now it's a deep brown colour. The grey was the appeal! (I don't think my eyesight's what it used to be). Would be fun to have different coloured wigs though, don't you think? "Hmm, I'm in a bit of a orange mood. Edwina! Fetch me the ginger wig!"

Lot's of cheering and screaming and cheering throughout the bows, and of course a standing ovation :) JOJ wished to make a speech (I was thrilled!) and asked everyone to sit down, aww. He said, "Let me just get a little more comfortable," pulled off the mask, wig, and peeled off half the latex face (threw a bit into the audience, wow and eww). He looked semi-normal, though I was suddenly reminded of Silence of the Lambs...Spoke with that lovely Welsh accent, thanking people - "The orchestra, who are in tune - most of the time!" Then he got a little choked up near the end, was so sad and sweet. Gawd, this man's been in Phantom nearly 4 years, that's longer than some shows run! Was wonderful to hear him speak though; I'm sure there were many dopey-smiling faces in the audience, myself included ;)

Sooo he's off to play Valjean in Les Miserables in a few months time. To hear him sing 'Who Am I' and 'Bring Him Home' live will be.....great!! Totally skint now, hope I can blag a student ticket still by then - this would be my final year! Anyway, fantastic night, cheers John Owen-Jones, have a well-deserved break!
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"I feel perhaps they saw a better show than the one we rehearsed..." [Feb. 25th, 2005|09:56 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Star Wars - Duel of the Fates]

Knackering week! A project deadline over with (now onto the next!), 2 shows, and lotsa exciting news. Well, if anyone would like to read my reviews for stuff, here they are below:

A LIFE IN THE THEATRE: http://www.catnip.o-f.com/alifeinthetheatre.htm

HIS DARK MATERIALS PART 1: http://www.catnip.o-f.com/hisdarkmaterials.htm

All wonderful stuff! Then I hear John Owen-Jones is returning to Les Mis as Valjean! *Gasps* If I get to see him perform in the role, that'll be another one of those goals ticked off on my list of things to do/see. A very good source told me that Joanna Ampil is leaving :( Everytime I've seen the show, she's been on as Fantine, that lady has a track record and a half! Wonder who'll be on next...? JOJ's last night in Phantom tomorrow night, hope he gives the performance of a lifetime :) LOL, unless just before the show starts, the voice overhead says, "And tonight, the understudy for the Phantom will be ..."

Oh, and here's a pic of a tiger I drew: http://www.catnip.o-f.com/Art/tiger.htm

*SPAM* Hope you're all well! Although I do not always get the time to comment, I do read everything!
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Not as fat as Michael Crawford....shockingly! [Feb. 15th, 2005|10:44 pm]
Omigawd, Asti, Dean and Jamie, click on the link below, and see what you have to look foward to when we see The Woman in White!


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"Ohhh this is November, 1918!" [Feb. 15th, 2005|10:09 pm]
[music |Falcon in the Dive - William Michel(s?)]

Lack of talking on here, terribly sorry about that! Am in the middle of scanning very old photos of German relatives for my aunt visiting soon.

Just wanted to say happy belated birthday, Lady Shawk! Has the package arrived yet?
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"This emotional occasion brings the moisture to my eyes!" [Jan. 30th, 2005|09:27 pm]
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |Javert's Suicide - Nic Greenshields]

I have new artwork up! Sadly I don't know all these snazzy little HTML skills everyone knows (I used to, but ye olde Truds is getting on a bit :P), so just click on the nasty long links below, pleeeease :)

The first is a Hunting of the Snark-related drawing, for my final major project. This is still sketchbook work, no final images yet (I'm waiting on my tutor's opinions, who usually don't like my suggestions, whoops).

And a silly little Phantom-related drawing, involving cross-dressing :)

Gah, sorry for all the adverts and demon pop-ups. Need to buy myself some webspace, but I've no idea where to go...
Saw 'Sideways' today with the lovely Asti, Dean, und Lady Jamie, which we all enjoyed :) There was a guy on front of us, who was silent throughout the movie, until a scene near the end, where he let loose this loud roar of a laugh - had no doubt been building it up! I thought the screen would be quiet, but Sundays is becoming quite busy day at the UGC cinema, even for obscure films! Then went and bought a dozen original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts for meine Mutter (at her request), and felt like such a pig walking out with them all! Ah well, someone has to them!
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Monsieur Adhesive [Jan. 28th, 2005|09:36 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Falcon in the Dive - Terrence Mann *gulp*]

I'm terrible at updating this thing! But I *do* have a real life diary, so that's probably my reason for lack of updates here. I have been reading all your enteries worry not (ahem), Lady Shawk, what a terrible shame about the package! I'm back to drinking coffee, but still not filter. Missed going shopping this wek, where I was hoping to pick up a different kind of tea. And there was a mixture there for mulled wine too, just need to pick a red wine. The online recipes say it doesn't matter, but I really don't know! Anyone know anything about this?

Saw Les Mis during the week, here's my review copied and pasted onto here!

"January wouldn't be complete now without a viewing of Les Mis! I've decided, seeing as I first saw the show in January, counting on it still being on, I'll try to catch it every January. Knowing my luck it'll close now....musn't think that way though, must be optimistic! As odd as this sounds, I wasn't at first prepared to be seeing the show this day, it was my sister who was desperate to see, as due to some online sources, she was told that Michael McCarthy (current Javert, as in forever), was off for 2 weeks, and his understudy would be on. He must take this month off, as the first time we saw, it was also an understudy. After some grumbling, taking money from the crying bank, we managed to secure seats in the stalls, row D, in the middle! Student prices!! (*Cue insanely happy laughter*) Before the show, it also started to snow, which is rather typical, as we Londoners rarely get to see it. Didn't settle though, so no skating across the River Thames.

So yes, our whole reason (ahem) for seeing the show tonight was for the understudy, Mark Dickinson. He usually plays the role of Bamatabois, very intimidating and creepy, as let's face it, most Bamatabois's are quite camp! As well as countless other ensemble characters. First time Asti and me saw him, we took a guess he'd be the Javert understudy, and were for once, right! I've heard his performance described as, 'adhesive'.
Adhesive? I'm not quite sure what the person meant by this odd description, and I can't (sadly) say that he was. Maybe there's another meaning to it, for example, Michael McCarthy goes by the name of 'Midi' by certain friends, for which there's an amusing reason for this. I simple think that the person said adhesive, but meant something else (I can only hope!) Well Mr Dickinson was certainly sneery, and had that lovely Javert expression of contempt! Has been a year since I've seen a different actor in the role (gawd bless Midi), so found myself viewing scenes differently. During 'Confrontation', he seemed quite violent, following Valjean around with his nightstick (*snigger*). And when he shouted the line, "I am the law and the law is not mocked!" the first 4 words reminded me so much of Sylvester Stallone in that (dreadful) film, Judge Dredd. "I.AM.THE.LAW!" Horrendous. Well not Mr Adhesive! I found him to be a great actor of the role, saying a lot of words as opposed to singing them (reminded me of Simon Bowman in that sense). I know that my sister totally adored him; "He looks gorgeous in that uniform!" - won't catch me saying that kind of nonsense! *cough*. I couldn't help missing the presence of Michael McCarthy, but this could be down to habit.

Sean Kingsley was on as Valjean, horray! I'll admit that I've really grown fond of his interpretation of the character, and his singing voice for that role has come on sooooooo much. His version of 'Bring Him Home' was particularly strong. With such a gruff voice, you'd never imagine he could hit such high notes, but he does, and with ease it seems! Slight embarressing fangirlish moment here, but when he came out onstage at the end, my sister and I together let out a loud cheer, to which he looked down at us wide-eyed (with scary old-man-Valjean makeup on) and then grinned at us!! That made my night ;) My sister and I have (sadly) worked out Valjean's most attractive stage during the show; when he goes to fetch Cosette, in that fab yellowish jacket. Still not too old to say "No" to, heheheh! Ahem. I hope he gets a good reception at the stage door, and not just girls all seeking the barricade boys (who are great of course). No stage-dooring it for me though.

The ensemble were particularly funny tonight - I swear their microphones have been tuned up! I heard comments such as "trollop!", "mmm this tastes rather nice actually" and "the bastards!" And when Javert was revealed amongst the barricade boys, one of them shouted out, "I knew it!" Brilliant. It's probably more fun, as an experience, to be in the ensemble, swapping roles constantly, working with loads of people, especially in a show such as Les Mis. I would love to play a whore, ahahahaha! ;D Ahhh yes, glad to see Gemma Wardle as Eponine again, she's reallllly good, like her interpretation. Y'know, EVERY single time I've seen Les Mis, Joanna Ampil has been on as Fantine. A great track record that lady has, obviously not prone to sickness! Both the above ladies have such strong voices I doubt they even need those microphones to be heard at the back! It's official: Ramin Karimloo's (Enjolras) trousers get tighter at each performance I've seen. I am NOT staring, but you can't help noticing with all that barricade ascending and descending! And there's a high-flying, legs-tucked jumped, very similar to his Raoul jump.........I could feel waves of disapproval coming off my sister at Gary Tushaw's Marius, but I really don't care what others say, I think he's great. He says, "Cosette....I ...don't know what to say" perfectly, as I always thought that line shouldn't be sung, and he says it in such a sort of embarressed way, complete with restless body movements, yeah, he's good :) Before I get accusations, no I'm not perving, just appreciating! Heh, why am I justifying myself to no-one?

Annoying audience incident of the night: the couple next to me had still not returned to their seats for the second half, and Eponine had just began to sing 'On My Own'. Ohhh look, they there are, standing by the edge, looking nervously to their seats in the middle. Yup, here they come! Had this guys arse pass about 1 cm from my face, and it wasn't small, I tell you! Hmph, reminded me of the time when I saw Sweeney Todd, with that gigantic guy oozing over into my seating area. This guy was doing the same (though not as bad), and during quiet moments, would pop open his Mini Eggs cylinder, roll out a few, and eat them noisely. No food in the theatre! Nothing that can be slurped or crunched. My sister had a couple next to her guzzling down alcohol all night, and who stank of the stuff. Behind us were sat a family of French people - the guy obviously knew the story, as he'd suddenly whisper loudly, "Gavroche!" or "Javert!"

Great performance, enjoying the show immensly, a year after first seeing it. Yes, it only took me around 19 years or so to see it, so am making up for lost time! Through the powers of prediction, I forsee that I shall once again visit the Queen's theatre, and ..........perhaps, see the show again. Once my student ticket runs out this year, visits to the theatre in general will be at an all time low, until I'm in a high paid job, or win the lottery!"

The end at last! Click on the link below, to see a less than flattering picture of Mark Dickinson (scroll down the page a bit).
That's him as 2nd traveller during 'Master of the House' ;D
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