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"Nooooo!" (said in sneery tones) [Jan. 9th, 2005|11:31 am]
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |Stars - Roger Allam]

Watched Jerry Springer the Opera last night - David Soul is no way near as good as the original guy, who actually resembled the man himself! The first time we saw, we were sat in row B, but due to a lack of people in front, we were the front row, and got winked at and pointed at throughout the evening, was quite terrifying ;) It's an interesting show, but one I've never really felt the need to see again. Still, got it on tape now, so I prob won't see again, live ;) But then, tape just isn't the same, is it? There's something about the whole live experience, knowing these people are actually performing live on front of you.

Anyways, after seeing Aladdin last week (Ian McKellen and his surprisingly good legs!), which also had Roger Allam in (as the baddie, naturally), it's made me dig out the OLC of Les Miserables. This used to be all I knew of Les Mis, and it's almost a completely different show! S.l.o.w. (Omigawd how slow is Who Am I??). But mmm, Roger Allam's Javert. When I read the book, I had his sneery voice in my head, alas not the more posher Philip Quast (who is almost a little too dignified at times for Javert, heh). Bloody awful cuts on it though. Thankfully I have a *cough* other full recording with Roger Allam, get to hear him doing it all :D There's also the OLC of City of Angels, where he does the most awful American accent, but I still love it, as he's all sneery and condescending on that too! Interesting to know he only took a short course on singing as an afterthought, something to add to the CV! A Royal Shakespeare actor through and through, that man ;)

Ok, enough gushing about him. Need to bookup tickets for Guys and Dolls. But would have to do in person, cos I got theatre tokens, but is that even possible yet. Heh, where the hell is the Picadilly theatre? Jailhouse Rock is in there at the mo, never seen....

Gawd am starving. Why is there no food in this house? Can't have any coffee, as it keeps giving me terrible headaches (this is proving to be a nightmare scenario!).
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Guten Tag Hop-Clop! [Jan. 2nd, 2005|11:40 am]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop - The Producers]

Happy new year (I say on the 2nd)!

Hope everyone got pressies they *wanted* :) I have a library of books to read and dvds to watch, should keep me stocked up for the year now! Anyone read 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'? I just finished it, and was actually a little disappointed. The title sounds so promosing, and a friend had hyped it up, so I suppose it was bound to not live up to it. Now reading a Russian book called 'The Winter Queen', tis to do with a suicide, with a young policeman on the case who wears a corset for fashion purposes! He's also rather effeminate, heh heh.

Anyway, got a wonderful double-breasted coat for christmas too, which I'm very proud of, even when I did find out it's actually a man's jacket :P But it's lovely and warm, and I don't have Romulan-like shoulderpads on the thing. Much. Also some new cords, a deep blue colour, which look fab with anything orange, ahhhh!

Not that people will really be interested, but I've been playing this game called Metroid Prime 2 non-stop since christmas day, it's soooooooooooooooo addictie, and I'll never get over the fact that Samus is a lady underneath all that armour, and is not being protrayed in a sexual way! Yay!

My mum keeps singing Phantom songs constantly, but cos she's Scottish (Glaswegian), doing so in the Gerard Butler way! Noooo! She must learn the ways of John Owen-Jones, and HOLD THOSE NOTES!! Still, is good that she finally realises how nice the songs in Phantom are (a year's worth of me playing them to her did nothing, one note from Gerard Butler and she was won over :/). I bloody took her to see the show last March as a Mother's Day present *cough* and she can't hardly remember it, tch. Well she'll be seeing next month, so I hope she's happy ;)
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Phantom update! [Dec. 22nd, 2004|02:47 pm]
[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |Phantom - PONR]

Just another little art update on my site (really wish I could remote link!). It's Phantom related, and rather slashy, for my sister, damn her :P


Film Phantom, and Raoul of my vision.
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Christmas merry! [Dec. 21st, 2004|11:51 am]
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |The Nutcracker - The Decoration of the Christmas Tree]

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here is a card which I've drawn, click on the link below (don't think my server allows remote linking, alas!):


And for any of the musicals fans out there, here is a card drawn for a musical fanatic friend of mine :)


Have seen the Phantom movie 3 times, and honest, it gets better each time. None of my friends like it, which is a shame, so I am left to obsess over it (and Gerard Butler) with meine Mutter und Scwester. *Sigh* I think my friends hate it just to spite me sometimes....Ah well, would indeed be a boring world if everyone liked the same thing, but look, when someone knows the other really likes something, they shouldn't go out of their way to say how rubbish it was. Is very upsetting *boo hoo* ;D
Must drink some more mulled wine, MUSSSSSSST!
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'Cosette' [Dec. 18th, 2004|08:28 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Brynn Terfel, maybe?]

I am currently reading the 'sequel' to Les Miserables, called Cosette, by Francois Ceresa.


It's bloody awful!!! Ok, so this guy doesn't talk about France ever other line, but instead at times seems to be veering off in a slight erotic direction (watching a bead of sweat drip down Cosette's bosom, urgh). Then there's the character Verjat, the most blindingly obvious anagram ever, who like his alter ego, is not in it nearly enough. I DO NOT CARE what Marius gets up to, sleeping around, acting like a prat, etc. To me, Valjean and Javert were always the most interesting characters, and if anything in that 'universe' was going to be written, it could have maybe been in Toulon, whilst Valjean was serving time. Am battling my way through this book - just read The Da Vinci Code which I enjoyed immensely. *This* book on the other hand, is a glorified fanfic, and in fact, I've read much better fanfics.

Rant over ;) Tis the time of the year where I'm eating too much, then feeling guitly, then just eating more! Mince pies are deadly, though what I could reeallllly do with is some mulled wine! Ahhh no, bloody hell, my mum's doing the hoovering! Gah, wanted to find out if this was Brynn Terfel singing on the radio, never gonna hear now!!
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C-c-c-c-c-coffee! [Nov. 29th, 2004|09:49 pm]
[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |Love Changes Everything - Michael McCarthy]

I broke the coffee machine AGAIN at university..... :/ It had been working fine for everyone else, then I put my money in, no cup came round, and all the hot water and coffee and milk came gushing out! Then a little notice flashed up on the screen saying "CALL OPERATOR". No number or anything! I reluctantly stomped off to the cafe and told the guy in there, who just looked blankly at me (he never seems to understand what I say anyway!).

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY last week I broke the coffee machine, only for others to use it without a problem. I swear someone has cast a curse or jinx on me...I love the coffee from this machine - the cheapest in the entire uni, and also the loveliest! But it sees me coming and decides to malfunction in a way that will be most embarressing for me! Help!!!!

Just listening to Mighty Midi McCarthy's album at the moment - such a sexy voice, CLASHING horribly with all that midi! *Bites fist*
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Coffee! [Nov. 24th, 2004|12:10 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Classic FM]

I am sooooooooooo tired all the time recently, but it hasn't stopped me going out! All I want now is a nice filter coffee with cream (ahhh, just had!). I was so relieved that the coffee machine at university was working again that I hugged it!..............and then it didn't work for me again! :/ Had the machine opened up, and my cup of coffee was *hiding* in there - the motor system on the cups had momentarily broken down, very suspicious.

Managed to see Les Mis last night, and for once, not cos I was screaming out to see again - my mum had said the night before, "Shall we go see Les Mis tomorrow?" OH. MY. GAWD. I'm hoping she might start saying these kinda things more often ;) Now that she's stopped smoking, she's more well off, ohhh what to do with that spare cash! Michael McCarthy actually acted last night, probably the best yet, was quite snarly and aloof all at once, brilliant! The show started 20 minutes late due to some technical fault (a loud BANG just as it was starting - have always wanted to be there when something went wrong, heh!). Also saw Phantom last week with the incredible John Owen-Jones. All student tickets mind, I'm not a rich person ;)

Anyways, am running late; don't actually have to be in uni today, but it's film night, best to show my face (yuck!). Don't really feel like going in and getting all dirty doing monoprinting, but I can hear that coffee machine calling me (quite sad to drive all the way up to uni for a coffee!), plus need to catch up on some much needed gossip with a friend who went on a date on a Monday, hee hee :D
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Christmas came early to London this year - and guess who they stuffed in our stocking? Adolf Hitler! [Nov. 8th, 2004|12:47 pm]
[mood |nervousnervous]
[music |Haben Sie Gehort das Deutsche band? - The Producers]

Ok, this taken from my website, and is a rather long and gushing review of The Producers here in London :) Ahem, 'enjoy'!

"Our leading man was so gay, he nearly flew away! Where did we go right?" Lyrics like this had me laughing the night away down in old Drury Lane with The Producers!

Yes, I'll admit it - at the time of typing this, I have yet to see the film version. *Gasps of horror* But fear not, the dvd safely awaits me under the invisible christmas tree residing in the corner of the living room (I refuse to follow suit of all the shops and put up decorations at the BEGINNING of November!). A few weeks ago, Nathan Lane was suddenly revealed to be taking over from Richard Dreyfuss as Max Bialystock, amidst a wave of lovely bitchy comments and wonderful rumours. Nathan Lane? Nathan Lane!? Nathan Lane!!! After some minutes being in a hysterical state, I calmed and realised I'd never get tickets for it (why am I so negative?). "Ohhhh well...." I sniffed/whined. Earlier this week, just for a laugh, my sister and I walked into the theatre, asked,"Oi! Got any seats in the balcony, guv?" (as only commoners sit up there, twot?) and to our everlasting delight, the guy had some for the front row, 6 people would you believe? And £10 (due to it being a preview)! My luck was fast increasing, and what with us seeing Philip Quast on the street moments before, I was certainly a very happy theatre-goer.

Thursday evening arrived soon enough, after a day of monoprinting and continuous coffee-drinking, which had resulted in a massive headache. My sister and I met up with our friends David and Dean, as well as the lovely newcomer from New York, Jamie (who is a big theatre fan, and who I wanted to be impressed that night!). The other member could sadly not make it, the only positive thing being we could all budge up a seat. Ahhhh, Drury Lane, last in there for Anything Goes, and in very expensive seats, I might add. Naturally, us cheapskates for the balcony were directed through the side entrance, and along a corridor which I originally thought would result in a dead end ("That's what you get!"). Up and up and up we crawled, finally emerging at the lofty heights of the balcony, which actually, were not as high as I'd originally told everyone (isn't it nice to be pleasantly surprised though?). I'd exaggerated so much, that myself and David had brought along binoculars - I'd smuggled them in a great hurry out the house, all for nothing! The view was clear, the fall still dangerous of course (otherwise we'd all be disappointed), but there were sadly no planes flying below, or any cloud cover in sight. No slouching or leaning back though, if you actually wanted to SEE anything! Thankfully there was padding for us all to lean on, though no risk of dozing off, as this position could be deemed highly uncomfortable for some.

Onto the show! Oooh er, I say, this really was a big Broadway production, and I loved every minute of it! Felt like we were being spoilt! Big dance numbers, flashing lights, great scenery, and of course, Nathan Lane (Nathan Laaaane!!!). This may shock you *cough* but I'm rather a big fan of Mr Lane's, and I think I spent half the show thinking 'Nathan Lane!' He most definetely deserves his reputation, what a great performer and entertainer (a handy combo, that)! To be reprising his role from Broadway, hmmm, am sure he was getting paid by the second ;) Great voice, great presence, hilarious to watch (especially liked his reaction to "And how much money do we put into it?"). Everyone says he holds the show together, and yes, he does, but I'd still be upset with the loss of some of the following actors:
Lee Evans(Leo Bloom) really did surprise me! I admittedly was not expecting much to begin with, but very soon warmed to him. He's known over here in Britain mainly for his stand up shows, and to, well, sweat a lot on stage (so you can imagine my reaction that his character carries around a little blue blanket/hanky. Oh now isn't that convinient!). I really did love his scream when Nathan Lane tried to pry it from his tight grip, it was piercing, and still had me laughing minutes later! His singing was nothing bad, and was surprised at his dancing, good on him! And oh dear gawd, all those reproductions of his face in the office; frightening.
More excitment came when Conleth Hill emerged onstage in drag as Roger DeBris. I saw him earlier this year in the serious play Democracy, a stark contrast to this! From a tight suit to a glittering dress! I love drag when the guy is just so masculine, the fact that it totally doesn't work, yet there they are, getting away with it! His character was so flamboyent and over the top, limp wrists galore! And his performance as Hitler, well, I'll come to that...
Another surprise appearance in the form of James Dreyfus, mainly known for his role in the sitcom 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'. When he opened the door and said, "Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss?" I nearly died laughing at how long that 's' continued on for!! They were checking the plumbing and everything! After it finally died down, there came another hilarious moment, where he went to "fetch" DeBris, and all we saw for bloody aaaaages was his arm and limp wrist g.r.a.d.u.a.l.l.y. disappearing through the door. It was excrutiatingly slow, and were were 'treated' to it again minutes later, ahahah! Probably one of my favourite moments there. Other mentions go to Leigh Zimmerman (Ulla), who must find it hard keeping a straight face at all the lines she has to say with that accent! And does anyone else think Stephen Carlile as the lead tenor was absolutely gorgeous, even in the Nazi uniform?

Highlight of the evening was (unsurprisingly) the muscial within the musical, 'Springtime for Hitler', the scene I knew the most about. I certainly was not let down! I laughed throughout!! "Heil myself!" sung Conleth Hill, parading around the stage as a grotesquely camp Hitler. Urgh, it was just so wrong to see that famous figure soooo...camp!! "Keep it gay!" as they say! Seeing him dance away famous war figures like Winston Churchill, followed by the motion and sound effect of a whip crack, ahhhh, wonderful! The part where he sat on the edge of the stage, miming "call me" to someone in the audience, excellent! This whole scene is worth the price of admission alone, and will definetely have me returning! And from we were sitting on high, got to see the dancing shape of the Swastika, how, urm, lovely ;) Definetely bad humour, but like in the show itself, it somehow manages to be extremely entertaining! The ending is still great, but that's the defining moment for me there.

We emerged from the theatre very happy people. I'd originally booked not knowing the university's firework night was the same night, but as we exited, a rocket went off opposite from us - fireworks and Nathan Lane!! Then a weird train of people and bikes slowly turned the corner, and passed us - Green Peace or something, I've no idea, but there was quiet music playing with them. A very odd sight. And then on the bus journey home, a fight broke out, which actually came to blows! See, this is why I don't like sitting upstairs at night....Anyway, I absolutely LOVED the show, please please please let there be a London cast recording (yes yes I know Nathan Lane leaves in 2 months, but bloody hell, looks at the Les Mis cast recordings - isn't Michael Ball on every single one of them?? ;D). Go see it people, you really won't regret it.........must book again (said in zombie tones).
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I'm calm, I'm calm, I haven't a qualm! [Oct. 16th, 2004|09:25 pm]
[mood |fullfull]
[music |I'm Calm - 'Forum (2004 London cast!)]

Nothing much to report my good fellows, been at university full time all week; there's a film club on Wednesdays, and before the film, original Flash Gordon episodes are shown! I have to sit there biting my lip the whole time, everything about it makes me wanna laugh! All that wrestling, seemed really homoerotic for some reason. I've designed the poster for the film being shown on the 27th, called 'Du Rififi Chez Les Hommes', an old French heist movie :) Never seen - the tutor said it was better I drew without knowing totally what happens.....kind of him! This week coming it's an old version of Alice in Wonderland, with Peter Sellers in.

The 3rd year Halloween party is approaching, and I shall be going as a Chav (townie, whatever you wanna call them). Was looking at all the tracksuits, nasty miniature handbags - tried on some pink trousers which were obscenely tight, so no no. Maybe I should get flesh coloured ones anyway; gotta find myself some 'bling' and orange facial make up! Yay, I get to be a tart for a night!

Seeing Les mis the coming Friday as a birthday present from my mum (she of course is coming, this'll be her first time!). Looking foward to it, kinda hoping there'll be the understudy Javert on (Mark Dickinson) as people seem to really recommend the guy! And Iwonder if meine Mutter will like? She near enough knows all the music, I wonder if she has her own story in her head??
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At the moment supreme! [Oct. 1st, 2004|05:55 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |The Gypsy in Me - Anything Goes]

Ahhhh, I managed to catch that more recent version of 'Wuthering Heights' on tv this morning, with Ralph Fiennes as *sings* Heeeeeathcliff! Woo hoo, thought I'd dreamt this awhile ago, he is just soooooo gorgeous in it. Especially plays the character well, the colder he gets. And he's gonna be playing Voldemort in the next Harry Potter film - FINALLY sounds like they've got the right actor, *at the right age* to be in the films.

My sister got 2nd place in a drawing competition today at uni (well done Asti!); she received a free artbook, and then even more freebies were handed round - 2 crates of Stella Artois. Pity I was driving, and don't like the taste. The guy who'd brought it all in was standing around looking confused, as no one seemed to be taking any - only cos at least half of the people in there have to drive home! Others were casually taking around 3 bottles, ahem!

I've got really addicted to the musical 'The Secret Garden' recently, the Australian cast especially. Have had the Broadway version for yonks (had a bidding war on eBay over that), and have only heard 2 tracks from the London cast (with the ever gorgeous Philip Quast). But I realllllly love the orchestrations on the Australian album, and gaaawd, I said I'd try to steer clear of him, but that Anthony Warlow really is quite good isn't it? Ack!!
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